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- Certified Partners

- Over 7000 leads per month

- Working in 8 countries

- Working in 4 languages

- Certified Partners

- Over 3000 leads per month

- Working in 3 countries

- Working in 3 languages

- Certified Partners

- Over 6000 leads per month

- Working in 2 countries

- Working in 1 language

- The Best Partners in Israel 2022

- Certified Partners

- Over 1500 leads per month

- Working in 2 countries

- Working in 1 language

- Increase X8 subscribers

- ROI +387%

- Budget for the account from 10 thousand dollars

- Working in 4 languages

Herman Liveshets


We are extremely happy to work with WHITE LUNA LTD! You are a real professional oasis, where we receive a stream of quality leads every month, thanks to your unbeatable scheme of work. 700 leads per month is an impressive result, which helps us to maintain stable and successful operation of our clinic.
One of the main advantages of working with you is the fixed cost, which allows us to plan our budget accurately and avoid unexpected costs. We appreciate your transparency and openness in all matters of financial cooperation, which gives us confidence in the stability of our business

Dina Pukhatridze

Mardi Group

That's just great! Cooperating with your advertising agency has been a real breakthrough for our business. We have sold as many as 100 properties in one year with the help of your work! This is an excellent result that exceeded our expectations.
Your team of professionals has demonstrated a high level of competence and creativity in promoting our properties. Your advertising strategy was precisely targeted to our target audience, and it yielded notable results. We received many inquiries from interested clients, which helped us increase our sales.

Ori Ashkenazi

Rest TV

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to your advertising agency for the impressive results! In the last month you managed to generate as many as 2,000 leads for our Internet TV services! This is simply unbelievable!
Your professional and creative approach to advertising strategy helped us achieve high conversion rates

Yael Yaffe

Isra law gr

I can't help but share my delight at the work of your advertising agency! In just three months you were able to bring our site to the top for the most competitive requests - this is just a phenomenal result
Cooperation with your advertising agency was a real success for us, and we thank you for your professionalism, hard work and excellent results. We recommend your agency to everyone who is looking for a reliable partner for the successful promotion of their website

Ekaterina Andreeva


We are very pleased with White Luna's work on our project. They developed a functional website application for us that fully met our requirements and needs. The White Luna team showed professionalism, responsibility and a personalized approach to our project. They listened carefully to our wishes and suggested solutions that helped improve the user experience of our app-site.
We especially appreciate that White Luna took our site to the top of Google and Yandex search queries, which resulted in more organic traffic and increased the conversion rate of our site. They also developed an effective SEO and content marketing strategy for us that helped us attract more of our target audience and increase our brand awareness.
We recommend White Luna to anyone looking for a reliable and qualified partner for their digital marketing projects. We are grateful to White Luna for their work and continue to work with them in the direction of marketing.

Our works


Dentlap is a project in which the agency developed a website - an application for a dental platform. An integrated approach was used in the development process, including frontend and backend development, database connectivity and SEO optimization. As a result of the work done a professional website was created, which was successfully brought to the top of SEO in search engines, has a unique design, fast loading speed and intuitive user interface.


Dental Implants - Lead Generation

The project "Dental Implantation in Israel - Leadogeneration" was aimed at promoting the services of a dental clinic specializing in dental implants in Israel. As part of the project, a high conversion banding was developed, advertising campaigns were launched in social networks and Google. The result of this work was the attraction of more than 1500 leads in the first month.



The ISP-MAX project was aimed at creating a website and promoting it to the top on SEO in the Yandex and Google search engines. As a result, comprehensive work was done on the design, functionality and optimization of the site, and the promotion strategy included working with keywords and competitors. As a result, the site was successfully brought to the top on SEO, which led to an increase in attendance and attracted a large number of potential clients.


TEL Nadlan

Tel Nadlan project was aimed at attracting leads for investment land in Israel. A high-conversion landing page was created, advertising campaigns were launched on Facebook and Google, which led to the successful attraction of a large number of potential clients.


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