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The project "Dental Implantation in Israel - Leadogeneration" was aimed at promoting the services of a dental clinic specializing in dental implants in Israel. As part of the project, a high conversion banding was developed, advertising campaigns were launched in social networks and Google. The result of this work was the attraction of more than 1500 leads in the first month.

The agency developed the project "Dental Implants in Israel Leadogeneration", in the framework of which a high conversion rate webpage was created. After the creation of the landing page, advertising campaigns were launched in social networks and Google. As a result of the work done traffic volume exceeded 1500 leads in the first month.
The development of the landing page included work on the design and content, optimization for mobile devices and usability, as well as optimization for SEO.
Advertising campaigns in social networks and Google were launched to attract traffic. Advertising campaigns were created taking into account the target audience and geographic location, which allowed to attract targeted users to the site.
Traffic was analyzed and campaigns were optimized to get the best results. This included refining keywords, adjusting targeting and the amount of advertising budget.
As a result, thanks to comprehensive work on the project, a high conversion rate and high volume of traffic were achieved in the first month of work.

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