Dentlap is a project in which the agency developed a website - an application for a dental platform. An integrated approach was used in the development process, including frontend and backend development, database connectivity and SEO optimization. As a result of the work done a professional website was created, which was successfully brought to the top of SEO in search engines, has a unique design, fast loading speed and intuitive user interface.

The Dentlap project developed and launched a website for a dental platform application.
A comprehensive approach was used to develop the website, including frontend and backend development. The frontend developers worked on the design and functionality of the website, creating a unique design, intuitive user interface and optimized site structure. Backend developers worked on database integration, application server side development, as well as application security and performance management.
An important part of the project was connecting the website to the database to ensure that patient and clinic information could be stored and maintained. Modern technologies and standards were used to ensure high performance and security of the database.
In order to ensure high search engine optimization of the site, SEO optimization work was carried out, including optimization of content, metadata, headers and other elements of the website. Work was done to optimize load speed and improve the user experience.
As a result of this work Dentlap developed a professional website for the dental clinic application, which is successfully connected to the database and brought to the top of SEO in the Yandex and Google search engines. The website has a unique design, fast loading speed, intuitive user interface, security and performance, ensuring high quality and user-friendly experience for users.

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